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Custom Development

One of our greatest strengths is our technology. Through our proprietary platform we’re able to integrate with almost any type of third party and our team of dedicated software engineers are standing by to handle any challenge. By using our own operational platform we’re able to better control our customer experience, security, and efficiency leading to a better result for everyone involved.

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Remarkable Agents

Fast and scalable growth shouldn’t cost you high customer churn, expensive full-time employees, or technical headaches. By outsourcing your inbound call campaigns with Nivio, you get a professional team of sales experts that are always ready and prepared to pounce on every opportunity. The Nivio team is always on and here to help you realize better conversion rates, increased sales, and higher profits.

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Multi-language Campaigns

Because of the unique locations of our call center sites we are able to offer highly skilled agents who are natively fluent in a multitude of languages. Our team’s language skills typically surpass most other BPO companies because we recognize that language fluency and local knowledge is integral to successful sales campaigns.

  • USA
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • United Arab Emirates
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Multi-site Redundancy

Nivio’s contact center sites exceed most industry standards of redundancy featuring on-site power generation and battery backup systems, multiple fiber optic and satellite internet service providers, redundant hosting on Amazon AWS and Azure, and automatic routing and load balancing systems to make sure we never miss a customer contact.

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Real-time Routing

Through our partnership with Ringba, the world’s most sophisticated call tracking platform specifically designed for pay per call and inbound call handling, Nivio is able to customize your call routing to better service your customers. This includes custom IVR routes, overflow routing, routing by hours of operation, and all different kinds of call flow optimization

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